Devonport Driving School
Senior Driver Refresher Training and Assessing on the Shore

Devonport Driving School, specialising in quality senior driver education and assessment on Aucklands North Shore in your car.

Devonport Driving School has been assisting several medical practices on the Shore with assessing the driving ability of senior drivers. This means we offer guidance and training as needed to drive with greater confidence and competence. As a senior, you may not need to see an occupational therapist if your doctor wants an assessment as to whether or not you are a competent driver.

Our assessment consists of many aspects including driving and road code knowledge. Assessments start by checking your vehicle for damage. We'll then move on to ask you a few questions about how often and where you commonly drive. If you are happy we can demonstrate what a good driving standard is and ask you questions regarding your knowledge of the road code and road rules. You can prepare for this by using some of the resources and links from the NZTA web site.
NZ Transport Agency

Most of us tend to use a motor vehicle to:
• Get around.
• Go shopping.
• Attend appointments.
• Visit friends or family, often done outside of peak traffic and in familiar locations.

Devonport Driving School is here to help you prolong your driving career, assist with renewing your driver's licence and help with other vehicle aspects such as:
• How to adjust your seat and the optimum seating position.
• Why you should not use your left foot for braking (some people do, not a good habit)
• Where you should be looking when driving as focus is very important.
Older drivers are involved in fewer crashes than other age groups. They tend to drive conservatively, travel fewer kilometres and restrict their driving to times and situations in which they feel safe and comfortable. Please follow the link and take a Self-rating assessment:
NZTA Hows your driving
NZTA videos for safer driving:
NZTA Hows your driving