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Devonport Driving School, specialising in quality driver education and lessons for car licenses on Aucklands North Shore.

4 August 2018 - Thanks you so much for getting our girl sorted, she hasn't looked back.
30 July 2018 - Thank you again Sharon for everything you have done for my girls and especially for your last-minute help for Clara yesterday you got her into a very relaxed state and she was very very appreciative as was I. She wanted to be the one to tell you so I wasn't allowed to communicate yesterday… But thank you very very very very much once again you are in absolute star.
29 June 2018 - My car has gone to TGS and I'm left at home!!! Yes she passed - was told she did the best parallel park the tester had had all week. We were back at VTNZ within 35 minutes!! Charles said to Maddie he couldn't even find anything to comment on and said she was the best restricted test driver he has had all year!! Needless to say she is so excited with the pass and the awesome remarks made to her. He asked how long she'd been driving and she said she'd been to Devonport Driving School. Sharon thank you so very much for all that you have done to make Maddie the driver she is, instil in her the confidence to be who she is when behind the wheel - your experience is so beneficial to all who benefit from your tutoring. We will be eternally grateful for you making Maddie such a good driver. Visual head checks were great, speed amazing in limited speed areas and overall, picking her spots to join traffic great, just everything came together on the day. You are awesome and Maddie so appreciates all you have done for her - just need to get her a car now and she will be set. Have a great rest of the day.
6 Feb 2018 - I would also like to thank you helping Jes pass her test which has made my life much easier. I told her it was an investment on my behalf as she now has to do all my running around!